Smarter than Smoking Girls Leadership Camp making a comeback at El Questro!

Thursday 12th of October saw the beginning of Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Young Indigenous Women’s Leadership Camp. 14 girls from Broome, One Arm Point, La Grange, Yakanarra, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek travelled to El Questro Wilderness Park for two full days of leadership activities. Many of them didn’t know anyone else but challenged themselves, stepped out of their comfort zones and put in a great effort. The program concentrated on enhancing some of the skills needed to be a good leader; communication skills, ability to listen, willingness to try, creativity and the ability to look after yourself to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle. The 14 young women participated in chal...

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Broome Deadly Diva Day another smashing hit!

On Wednesday 20th September, 65 young women aged 14-17yrs from Broome and Bidyadanga participated in Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Deadly Diva Day at the Notre Dame University Hall. This day is about arming the young women of the West Kimberley with information on how to lead a positive, healthy life. There are many services in the area that can help people do this and we were fortunate enough to be supported by so many local agencies and businesses who contributed to the successful planning and delivery of the event. This year many agencies worked together to deliver five (40min) entertaining, informative sessions for the girls to participate. These included preparing tasty snacks and bod...

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Halls Creek Smarter than Smoking Deadly Diva Day

On Wednesday 6th September, 34 young women aged 12-17 from Halls Creek District High School participated in Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Deadly Diva Day at the Halls Creek Civic Hall. Like all Deadly Diva Days held across the whole of the Kimberley, we want to provide the young women of the area with good information that they can use to help them lead a health and positive life. Many services in the area can help them do this, so we invited some of them to come along and interact in a fun informative way.  There were 4 sessions conducted and the girls all did a great job at participating and getting the most out of each one. They learnt the art of hand massage with natur...

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Kununurra Girls Diva Day

On Tuesday 5th September, 47 young women aged 12-17 from Kununurra, Wyndham, Warmun and Kalumburu participated in Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Deadly Diva Day at the Kununurra Leisure Centre. This day is about arming the young women of the East Kimberley with information on how to lead a positive, healthy life. There are many services in the area that can help people do this and we were fortunate enough to be joined by 5 different groups which meant 5 entertaining, informative session for the girls to be involved in. These included cooking tasty meals for all of us to enjoy for morning tea and lunch. They learnt the art of hand massage with natural products as a way of connecting...

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Cultural Youth camp a massive hit!

Garnduwa in partnership with Redcross, Broome Youth & Families Hub (BYFH) and PCYC teamed up to organise a fantastic cultural youth leadership camp for 16 youth aged 14-17yrs from throughout the Kullarri region. Everyone camped in tents at Gumbanan Bush Camp just outside of One Arm Point Community and had an eventful three days getting to know each other, preparing dinner on the first night in a Masterchef Challenge, participating in a basketball tournament with ICEA, learning about country, culture and career pathway opportunities with the Bardi Jawi Rangers and finishing off the trip with a morning of beach games and talking about healthy communities with Fairgame.

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Garnduwa - Smarter than Smoking Basketball Carnival

In what had been a very rainy January the Halls Creek Recreation Centre has been a hub of energy and activity for the community’s youth and this was epitomised on Wednesday the 25th when the centre hosted the Halls Creek Basketball Carnival. Over 60 under 17's took part with kids from Kununurra and Halls Creek comprising the four boys’ and three girls’ teams. Deon Cox director of the carnival said “It was great to see kids from Halls Creek and Kununurra coming together to play Basketball. The games were competitive but played in the Garnduwa spirit with everyone having fun.”

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{{title}} Kimberley Spirit & Claremont Tigers FC Colts players after the KRSP Cup match.

Kimberley Spirit KRSP Cup Camp

The 2017 Kimberley Spirit team arrived in Broome from all parts of the Kimberley on Thursday July 13 ready to experience 3 days of high performance football action capped off with the KRSP Cup match against the Claremont Tigers FC Colts team (2016 WAFL Colts Premiers). There was no idle time as the players were placed into their assigned groups led by Regional Garnduwa staff and straight into preparing their camp living quarters. After a player driven discussion around the Camp Standards that the whole team established at the June Kimberley Spirit Selection Camp in Kununurra it was a race to the kitchen to prepare nutritious cold meat & salad rolls for lunch.

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{{title}} Jewelry Making

Fitzroy Valley Youth Hub Comes Alive!!!

The Garnduwa July school holiday program saw the Fitzroy Crossing Youth Hub come alive with a variety of different fun activities and the involvement of many of services all working together to support a positive and engaging program for the young people of Fitzroy Valley. During the two weeks over holidays Garnduwa Youth Hub ran either jointly or with other services, fifteen different activities in Fitzroy Crossing, sometimes with two or three activities happening a day. Activities included movie nights, basketball, cooking, healthy bbq’s, drop in, art, jewelry making, touch rugby and footy. Fair Game in collaboration with Garnduwa visited nearby communities Bayulu, Muludja and ...

2017 Kimberley Spirit U/18's Final Team Selected

Congratulations to the following players that have been selected in the final 2017 Kimberley Spirit U/18’s Team. The team will attend the Kimberley Spirit Camp in Broome from July 13 – July 16 including the KRSP Shield Match v Claremont FC Colts Team on July 15.  Ben Mckenna.Gordan Churchill.Niel Morgan.Michael Nungatcha.Silvahna Rocky Carlton.David Ningella.Darcy Thorn.

{{title}} Warming up for Saturday nights Game Scenario training session.

2017 Kimberley Spirit Selection Camp

The most talented U/18 footballers from across The Kimberley attended the 2017 Kimberley Spirit Selection Camp in Kununurra over the June long weekend (June 2 – June 5). The Kimberley Spirit Football Academy has been designed by Garnduwa to provide talented youth footballers the opportunity to improve themselves on & off the field through high performance training/football camps and educational workshops that cover career development, nutrition/meal planning, mental wellbeing and cultural awareness. Majority of the players & staff arrived at the Kununurra District High School’s Clontarf facilities just before 8:00pm after a long drive from all parts of The Kimb...