Garnduwa offers our employees challenging and meaningful work in delivering quality sport and recreation programs to Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley.

Through the power of sports and recreation, we empower people by promoting our values of culture, community and leadership and our vision is for healthy, active and strong communities across the Kimberley.

Flexible in our approach to working on and within communities, we offer a variety of work for jobseekers who live in remote Kimberley communities to embark on a career in sport and recreation as well as experienced professionals seeking meaningful challenges and cross-cultural education in a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation.

Why do people work for Garnduwa?

  1. Work – We offer valued and meaningful work empowering Kimberley communities. Our work is characterised by high quality, diversity of challenges and achievements geared towards outcomes and results in the sports and recreation industry. At Garnduwa you can contribute to making a difference.

  2. People – Our values are culture, community and leadership. We offer work in a team that thrives on peer support, friendliness, positive attitudes and unity where management offers transparency, guidance, mentoring and 2-way learning.

  3. Organisation – We are a well-respected Kimberley organisation that demands Cultural safety. As a financially healthy Aboriginal owned and led organisation dedicated to improving health and access to engagement in Kimberley communities, we offer job security and organisational stability. Garnduwa hosts the Kimberley’s flagship Culture and Sport Festival.

  4. Opportunities – We are dedicated to developing, training and educating our staff to embark on career paths and acquire professional skills.

  5. Rewards – We offer a competitive salary including salary sacrifice, 5 weeks of paid annual leave and team-based performance incentives.