Garnduwa recognises the power of all sport in developing community leaders and community leadership. With the rise of AFLW, Aboriginal women across the Kimberley are coming together and forming teams despite limited resources. We want to harness the strength, resilience and motivation of the women in these communities to inform the work Garnduwa carries out in the Kimberley. This pilot project will be implemented through our Active Leaders program, which acknowledges and celebrates the strength and importance of Aboriginal culture and identity.

In the 2019 pilot project, Garnduwa will visit ten remote Kimberley communities and create a space to listen to the real and perceived barriers to sport. Workshops will include a combination of football drills and health and wellbeing education. The central aim of the workshops will be to build relationships and listen to Aboriginal women in community to therefore inform both Garnduwa's community sport and recreation plans and the Active Leaders Program. Garnduwa has the means to provide a culturally safe place to listen to community and represent the Kimberley as leaders capable of creating change. As a community controlled organisation, Garnduwa wants to support a grassroots led dialogue to ensure the voices of Aboriginal women are heard as the development of womens football grows across the Kimberley.

In exchange for our workshops, Garnduwa will collect and share the feedback with communities, local service providers, football support services in the Kimberley and other key stakeholders. The project will inform our official Garnduwa Active Leaders Program by further developing direct engagement with more communities. Football is a conduit for change, an opportunity for growth and the chance for Aboriginal women in the remote Kimberley to make their mark.


Mowanjum & Looma