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Garnduwa currently employs 28 people in a wide variety of roles across the Kimberley, in the north west of Western Australia. 

We have four regional offices in Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra and we work directly with the remote communities within close proximity of each town and contained within their local authority boundaries. As we support remote community initiatives, we also rely on volunteers across the Kimberley to deliver sporting events.

There are over thirty remote communities that work within this format to promote sport and recreation.

Community Active Coordinators are positioned in each regional office. They work with each of the communities in their region in the planning, coordination and delivery of a community sport and recreation plan.  Garnduwa also has a number of Community Recreation Officers situated in Wyndham, Halls Creek, Derby and communities in the Dampier Peninsula.

In the towns of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, Garnduwa has a strong partnership with the Shire of Derby and the West Kimberley whereby Garnduwa provides management and program delivery services for both of the towns’ Recreation Centres. 

In Fitzroy Crossing, Garnduwa works with the Fitzroy Future Fund and the Australian Government to establish and oversee the operations of a youth service for the town and nearby communities.