Sports Trainer

The Sports Trainer provides a crucial link between the coach, player and health professional. The Sports Trainer’s prime responsibility is to make sport safer. This is achieved by:

·      Implementing appropriate injury prevention protocols

·      Preparing players for competition

·      Providing the appropriate immediate management of injuries

·      Providing immediate crisis management of severe injuries

·      Informed referral of injuries to a more qualified health professional for further advice and management

·      Working in conjunction with health professionals (e.g. physiotherapist or GP) to ensure a safe return to play for injured players

·      Educating players and coaching staff in relation to return to play principles

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Accredited sports trainers are very important to all sports. Accredited trainers are qualified to help prevent and safely manage injuries caused through sport participation. The Level 1 Sports Trainers course involves 16 hours of lecture and practical sessions in subjects such as management of specific sporting injuries, warm up, stretching, cool downs, taping and nutrition. In the Kimberley region the Level 1 Sports Trainers course can be delivered through the Kimberley TAFE or Department of Sport and Recreation.

Level 2 Sports Trainer

The Level 2 Sports Trainers course is a progression from Level 1. It is designed to give the active sports trainer the flexibility to structure the course to suit their own needs by offering optional modules in addition to a compulsory core module. Current Level 1 Sports Trainers Accreditation, 12 months experience and 50 hours practical field experience are prerequisites for entry into the Level 2 Sports Trainers course.

For more information on the accredited sports trainer courses contact one of the following networks:

1.     Sports Medicine Australia

2.     Kimberley TAFE