Mentoring is an effective way for coaches, officials, players and even administrators to learn and develop their skills under the supervision of a person who already has extensive skills in their chosen field or pathway.

Though mentoring is now becoming a more structured process it still remains about one person helping another person, regardless of their stage of development, and the way this occurs will be different from sport to sport and person to person. Mentors are volunteers and usually work with only one person, as that is what time permits, and this way relationships have their best chance of success.


Benefits of Mentoring

The benefits of having a mentor are wide and varied but to the player, coach or official they can include:

·       Regular and constructive feedback on performance,

·       Ease of transferring skills in practice onto the field,

·       Introduction of new skills and training initiatives,

·       Ease of clarifying goals, future options and directions,

·       Improved interaction and networking with other players, coaches and officials, and

·       Assistance in overcoming barriers to improvement.


There are also benefits to the mentors themselves by taking on such a role including:

·       Stimulates renewed enthusiasm and commitment towards the sport,

·       Creates opportunity to share knowledge and skills,

·       Re-energises their physical and mental well-being, and

·       Recognition of their expertise.


Garnduwa Mentoring Program

Garnduwa has three primary roles to play through the Garnduwa Mentoring Program:

1.     To assist players, coaches and officials to understand the benefits of having a mentor and assisting them in identifying an appropriate and accessible mentor,

2.     To build, during the early stages of the partnership, the relationship between the two parties concerned, and

3.     To provide, if necessary, the training or support to the mentor to enable them to meet their mentoring obligations.

If you would like to find out further information on Garnduwa’s Mentoring Program either as a person who is need of mentoring support or is interested in becoming a mentor then please contact your local Garnduwa office.