The Active Leaders Program is delivered to encourage Kimberley youth to further enhance their natural talents and realise their potential as strong community organizers and persons of influence. This program is crucial to the development of our future leaders as it is extremely important to empower Kimberley people and their communities.

The Active Leaders Program acknowledges the strength and importance of our Aboriginal cultures and identity, as well as exploring and learning about the structures and processes relevant within mainstream Australian society.

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Garnduwa’s Active Leaders Program consists of three major elements including Young Women’s Camps, Young Men’s Camps and the Deadly Divas Days, each held at various locations throughout the calendar year. To further support our leadership programs, each Garnduwa office is responsible for offering additional place-based leadership activities.

Activities within the program are designed to engage youth in cultural meaningful exercises. We also challenge our participants with physical activities and problem-solving situations that require resilience, leadership, communication, and cooperation skills. We believe our Leadership program offers young people the opportunity to develop themselves through value adding experiences that will deliver enhanced prospects for employment, education and community.

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Challenge Achievement Pathways in Sport Program (CAPS)

CAPS is a program that challenges young Australians (between the ages of 14 and 20) to learn new skills, develop qualities of leadership and provide community service through the vehicle of sport. CAPS is a 2-year leadership development program that provides a framework for young people to experience another side of sport and can assist in your personal development. CAPS also plays an important role in strengthening the volunteer base of Australian sport.

CAPS participants provide service through the program to help fill these roles and at the same time, obtain ‘real life’ experience in the delivery of sport that may also introduce career choices they had not previously considered.

Pilot Program

In the first year (2018), Garnduwa offered CAPS as a Pilot Program in Broome, WA with the intention to extend throughout the Kimberley in the following years. Nine participants were identified between the two secondary schools from years 10 or 11.

Along with the Introduction to CAPS workshop, participants selected a combination of four or more activity areas to focus on:

·      Administration

·      Event/Team Management

·      Sports Health

·      Refereeing

·      Coaching

·      Participation

·      Mass & Social Media

·      Active School Leaders

Once the activities were selected, The CAPS Program Manager/Coordinator developed each CAPS participant’s interest matrix, diary and calendar. To date, the pilot has been a success and we look forward to extending CAPS program next year.

You can read more about our Active Leaders Program in the Kimberley here. Garnduwa is active in supporting other organisations that have aligned goals towards empowering our future leaders and we welcome further discussion on potential partnerships. Please contact Layla Yu, our Leadership Program Coordinator on 9195 5751 for more information.