Whilst Garnduwa provides other services within the region the Active Community Project is our core program.

In general, the role of Garnduwa within the project, other than its overall coordination across the Kimberley is to:


  •   To conduct a review of all community sport and recreational facilities and resources within the community and the overall accessibility of those resources.


  •  To work with all appropriate community members and stakeholders within the community to assist in the development an achievable sport and recreation plan for the community ensuring that the community maintains “ownership” of the plan and that they as a community are keen to maintain the key criteria of being an Active Community.
  •  To assist the community in identifying suitable Community Recreation Officers (CRO), if the opportunity exists for the community to employ them, and to also encourage and identify volunteers within the community to support the delivery of the sport and recreation plan.
  • To carry out regular community visits to support CRO’s and volunteers in their program establishment and delivery and be available to provide ongoing professional support.
  • To assist the community in identifying funding opportunities to support the project and to then offer guidance with their application process.


  • To provide appropriate accredited training and professional development opportunities for CRO’s to carry out their work and provide the same opportunities for any other community volunteers.


  • To provide a network with other communities involved in the project to offer opportunities to share or link their programs and to develop working partnerships.  This would include facilitating the staging of inter-community competitions to supplement the programs contained within the local plan with particular consideration to the staging of more ”hub” activities that reduce the travel distances required by the communities.