Garnduwa appreciates that education forms a foundation for hope and opportunity that can help overcome social inequalities. Our Active Communities project is designed to work closely with schools, particularly remote community schools, contributing towards Indigenous children attending school on a regular basis.

Garnduwa is aware of the cultural obligations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and believe these can be harnessed as a strength rather than a hindrance in their educational development.

We are also aware of many of the barriers to a good education that are generally not catered for within the mainstream education system and are therefore not addressed. Garnduwa empowers over 30 Aboriginal remote communities and towns in the Kimberley to improve their school attendance rate through taking part in a range of innovative supporting activities.

We are also focused on up and coming leaders of our communities. Read more about our Leadership programs here.

Garnduwa offers access to training opportunities through the assisted implementation of the Aussie Hoops "centres" in Broome, Ardyaloon, Halls Creek and Kununurra. Further training is also available in remote communities including Wyndham and Looma, where volunteers took part in Level 0 Community Coaching courses.

Umpire and referee courses are also held in support of AFL planning across the Kimberley.  These included Level 0 coaching accreditations and Level 0 Umpiring accreditations.

Provisional Driver Training and Driver supervision was offered to training staff throughout the Broome and Central desert regions. Read more about umpiring and coaching opportunities here.

Club Development workshops were held in conjunction with the WAFC and Central Kimberley Football League in Fitzroy Crossing in March and April. In the last year twenty-four community members were in attendance of these trainings that aimed to improve understanding of governance requirements and facilitator responsibilities in the delivery of activities.

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