One of Garnduwa’s core underlying operational principles is the recognition, promotion and retention of Aboriginal culture in all of our programs. There more than 30 Aboriginal tribes in the Kimberley region, each with its own language and many with unique cultural practices. We are obliged by respect of country and the hope for a proper life for our children that we honour the culture and traditions of our people.

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Disclaimer:  The Kimberley Language Resource Centre acknowledges that there are dialects not represented on the map above.
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As a culturally safe conduit for sport and recreation throughout the Kimberley, Garnduwa plays an extensive role in working with state and national sporting associations including the Australian Football League, WA Football Commission (WAFC), Netball WA, Softball Australia and Athletics WA to assist in the delivery of their development and talent programs into the Kimberley region. 


We believe that Aboriginal led programs are important because they can adapt to the needs of the community, particularly if they engage local mentors and role models. We respect that cultural obligations and community deaths or ‘Sorry Business’ may affect sporting attendance rates at certain times of the year. We acknowledge the value of these rituals in the healing of and cultural identity of communities.