Garnduwa is an incorporated body with a Constitution that is reviewed as the demands and variations for recreational development occur.

Management of Garnduwa is by an elected Executive Committee of between four and seven directors, together with an employed Chief Executive Officer. The role of the Executive Committee focuses on program issues that impact across the whole of the Kimberley region, and the overall administrative and operational matters of the association.

Currently, Garnduwa has six directors:

·       Helen Ockerby

·       Damien Parriman

·       Marmingee Hand (Chair)

·       Trish McKay

·       Sacha Cox

·       Eunice Yu

Each of the Executive Committee members is an elected representative of one of six regional sub committees aligned to each of the major towns and surrounding remote communities that make up the Kimberley region.

Directors are appointed for a two-year term. The majority of the directors must be individuals who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, be members of the Corporation, must usually reside in the Kimberley and must not be employees of the organisation.

Garnduwa also has a Chairperson who is elected by the directors from amongst themselves.