Any remote community in the Kimberley that agrees with the key priority of the program can join up by contacting their local Garnduwa office.

Currently there are 31 remote communities and 3 town site communities that are engaged in the Smarter than Smoking Active Community Project.

A Smarter than Smoking Active Community is a community that;

·      places a priority on sport and recreation as part of the community’s overall community development strategies;

·      is prepared to develop a community sport and recreation plan aimed at increasing the participation of its residents in meaningful and sustainable sport and recreational activities;

·      agrees to work with all the different agencies, groups and community stake holders to achieve the successful implementation of its sport and recreation plan;

·      wants to engage with Garnduwa to work “one-on-one” with them to “build their capacity” to deliver their own “sustainable sport and recreation programs” in a “structured manner”.

The main contribution that a community needs to make to the program is an eagerness to participate and a desire to make it work.

Then, the community nominates an Active Community Liaison who acts as a link between the community and Garnduwa. The position can be any person who is prepared to help monitor the project and act as the “go to” person for Garnduwa staff.