Garnduwa acts as a forum for Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley to discuss, plan and co-ordinate youth activities and to make decisions and recommendations to other organisations about youth, sport and recreation issues.

We work with communities in the Kimberley to build capacity and to both manage and deliver their own sustainable and ongoing sport and recreation programs.

Garnduwa currently employs 28 people in a wide variety of roles across the Kimberley, in the north west of Western Australia. 

We have four regional offices in Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra and we work directly with the remote communities within close proximity of each town and contained within their local authority boundaries. As we support remote community initiatives, we also rely on volunteers across the Kimberley to deliver sporting events.

There are over thirty remote communities that work within this format to promote sport and recreation.


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A Garnduwa Regional Program Manager is positioned in each regional office, as well as an active Community Coordinator. They work with each of the communities in their region in the planning, coordination and delivery of a community sport and recreation plan.  Garnduwa also has a number of Community Recreation Officers situated in Wyndham and Halls Creek, and some of the larger communities in the Kimberley.

In the towns of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, Garnduwa has a strong partnership with the Shire of Derby and the West Kimberley whereby Garnduwa provides management and program delivery services for both of the towns’ Recreation Centres. 

In Fitzroy Crossing, Garnduwa works with the Fitzroy Future Fund and the Australian Government to establish and oversee the operations of a youth service for the town and nearby communities.


Our History

During the 1980s, there was much discussion about developing a peak Indigenous body to promote and develop sport and recreation throughout Indigenous communities within Australia.

In 1991, meetings were held which led to the design of Garnduwa’s name and logo and the establishment of a company Constitution. With the support of the Ministry of Sport and Recreation (now the Department of Sport and Recreation) Garnduwa Amboorny Wirnan Aboriginal Corporation was born.

The name ‘Garnduwa Amboorny Wirnan’ was derived from the three language groups (at the time, represented the ATSIC regions across the Kimberley): Kullari, Malarabah, and Wirnan. The name means ‘big mob of people getting together to do something’.


Our logo depicts a salt-water turtle (symbolising the salt water people of the coast) and a fresh water crocodile (symbolic of the fresh water people from inland). The red, black and yellow used on the logo represent the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

We also promote healthier lifestyles through participation in meaningful sport and recreation activities under the ‘Smarter than Smoking’ logo.

You can read more about our history, our Founding Members and our Past Chairs here.

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Our Constitution and Board

Garnduwa is an incorporated body with a Constitution that is reviewed as the demands and variations for recreational development occur.

Management of Garnduwa is by an elected Executive Committee of between four and seven directors, together with an employed Chief Executive Officer. The role of the Executive Committee focuses on program issues that impact across the whole of the Kimberley region, and the overall administrative and operational matters of the association.

Currently, Garnduwa has six directors:

·       Helen Ockerby

·       Damien Parriman

·       Marmingee Hand (Chair)

·       Trish McKay

·       Sacha Cox

·       Eunice Yu

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Each of the Executive Committee members is an elected representative of one of six regional sub committees aligned to each of the major towns and surrounding remote communities that make up the Kimberley region.

Directors are appointed for a two-year term. The majority of the directors must be individuals who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, be members of the Corporation, must usually reside in the Kimberley and must not be employees of the organisation.

Garnduwa also has a Chairperson who is elected by the directors from amongst themselves.

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Our Partners and Sponsors


At Garnduwa, we love getting everyone involved!

Collaborating with remote schools, sporting clubs and organisations, and health services, Garnduwa develops sports and recreation opportunities throughout the Kimberley. 

Our joint commitment and partnership with Healthway strengthens our capability to increase the number of the Kimberley people living healthy and active lifestyles.

On a local level, our Kimberley Spirit football program provides local sponsors with an opportunity to support the Kimberley’s most committed and talented football players to reach their sporting aspirations on a state and national platform.   

Find out how you can support Garnduwa’s Active Communities here.


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Garnduwa Heroes

Garnduwa Heroes are people who have had an extensive, positive impact for an extended period of time on Indigenous sport and recreation in the Kimberley, but not necessarily only with Garnduwa.

Learn more about our Garnduwa Heroes here.