2019 Smarter than Smoking Kimberley Cup

From the July 1-4 Broome held this years Smarter than Smoking Kimberley Cup.

The schools involved were: Broome Senior High School, St Marys, Derby District, Bidyadanga Remote Community School, Kunnaurra District High School, Looma RCS, One Arm Point School, Yiramalay Wesley College, Halls Creek District High School.

Kimberley Cup is unique as it spans across four days, with Netball, AFL, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball happening in conjunction. A lot of planning and effort goes into it, and all Garnduwa staff get on board to support.

This year we were joined by Garnduwa Role Model Keanu Pinder, an international basketball star from Derby.

It was a great event, and as always we were impressed by the strong sense of community and good sportmanship from everyone across the Kimberley.