2019 Kimberley Colts Championships

The 2019 Smarter Than Smoking Kimberly Colts Football Championships was held in Fitzroy Crossing over the June long weekend (June 1st & 2nd ).

The Championships involved five U/19s male football teams (East Kimberly, Halls Creek/ Kutjungka, Central Kimberly, West Kimberly and Derby, Mowanjum and Looma (DML) competing across two days and showcasing their talents.

The Kimberley in all its diversity was well represented on the weekend, with players coming from different towns and communities throughout the Kimberley . The Colts Championships is truly the Kimberly’s top event.

Warren Parker from Claremont Football Club came to Fitzroy Crossing to scout for talent, accompanied by Mick Ablett the WAFC Talent Pathway Manager, Declan Cormack a Claremont Development Officer, Jack Cooley, a current Colts player and Junior Shandley. Garnduwa was particularly excited to welcome Junior Shandley back to his home town after being scouted by Claremont late 2018. It was inspiring for local talent to see their own friend and peer Junior again, and to hear about his experience in Perth.

Talent Manager Warren Parker has stated that

A huge amount of time and effort goes into the planning and organization of the event and I’m a strong believer that it is a real positive for the larger Kimberley Football Community.

The opportunity for these young men to access a high quality Football Carnival, to compete against peers of their own age and to represent their region is a very powerful thing and I’m confident that it’s had a great impact on them.

I was very impressed with the quality of football played over the weekend and there were some individual performances that really stood out. We are hopeful here at Claremont that a number of boys will look to continue their football journey in the WAFL down in Perth in the next few years and are committed to providing a pathway for talented young players to progress both on and off field.

 I look forward to attending many more of these carnival in the future and hope to see the Kimberley Football Community really embrace opportunities like this for the young talent of the region.

After a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning, Warren delivered a speech to the boys about football commitments, and what it means to be drafted. We were lucky enough to hear from Jack, a current Colts player about his fitness, footy and study routine. It was an eye opener.

Each of the five teams across the carnival were competitive and showed great sportsmanship, with a smile ear to ear. Everyone enjoyed the weekend but after the first bounce the speed and skills were on show. As there was no grand final, every game counted and that was really reflected in each players determination. The Champions were decided based on their status on the ladder at the end of the carnival.

The team who took out the Championship Cup was the reigning premiers Central Kimberley, going through the carnival undefeated.

There were individual efforts throughout the weekend for each team.

Best Players - Robbie Johnson EKFL, Malvin Tatayan HC/KU, Zaphy Surprise Central, Sean Willams West, Tyreece Skeen DML

Coaches Award – Junior Chris Griffiths, HC/KU Frank Gordan, Central Gerrick Mundar, West Zarim Hunter, DML Thadius Wanungmurra

Claremont Awards – Antonio Bradshaw HC/KU, Johan Jake West, Jnr Chris Griffiths East

The MVP for the carnival went to Zaphy Surprise from CKFL who had an outstanding racking up precessions with silky skills throughout the carnival. The Rising Star went to Tropher Bedford from CK who was a handful in forward for any defence .

Garnduwa coordinated the Colts Championships with the Central Kimberley Football League playing a support role across the weekend. Garnduwa’s  Kimberley Spirit Football Academy is the pathway for 12-19 years old players participating in local football to take their game to the next level. The Championships wouldn’t have been possible without Heathway’s support of Garnduwa and the Kimberley Spirit Football Academy. Garnduwa would like to thank the following partners who supported the event:

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Shire of Derby, West Australia Football Commission, Fitzroy Valley District High School and Fitzroy Clontarf Academy and our Chairperson.

Importantly, a big thank you to all of the volunteers all over the Kimberley that were involved with the planning and delivery including preparing transport of the teams .