Fitzroy Crossing Smarter than Smoking Bball Carnival

On the 3rd of April, Fitzroy Crossing hosted our annual Smarter Than Smoking Inter-School Basketball Carnival. The carnival welcomed 7 schools from different communities:

Bayulu RCS, Fitzroy Valley District School, Muludja RCS, Wangkatjungka RCS, Kulkarriya CS,(Noonkanbah/Yungngora) Yiyili School and Yakanarra Community School.

All 9 teams made up of grade 4-6 students played a great standard of basketball. There carnival was played with fierce competitive spirits, but not without great sportspersonship and teamwork. The students used all the skills and knowledge they have been building during our clinics in Term one to the test, and they were rewarded with a great day.

We were extremely lucky to have students from Fitzroy Valley District High School helping out on the day. The students learned the processes and planning that goes into sporting events, as well as how to referee and keep score. At the end of the day, all schools came together and an MVP was chosen from all teams. These players were not just the best players but the ones who displayed great teamwork, leadership & sportsmanship with the opposition.


The results for the games are as follows: Bayulu 2 def. Fitzroy Crossing 1 25-0 Bayulu 2 def. Muludja 43-4 Wangkatjungka def. Kulkarriya 20-14 Yiyili def. Muludja 26-8 Yiyili def. Wangkatjungka 21-14 Kulkarriya def. Yakanarra/Wangkatjungka 18-15 Bayulu 2 def. Wangkatjungka 19-12 Muludja def. Fitzroy Crossing 1 20-1 Wangkatjungka def. Yakanarra/Wangkatjungka 29-18 Bayulu 1 def. Muludja 41-2 Kulkarriya def. Fitzroy Crossing 2 24-0 Bayulu 1 def. Yakanarra/Wangkatjungka 19-4 Bayulu 1 def. Fitzroy Crossing 1 36-0 Bayulu 2 def. Fitzroy Crossing 1 21-4 Yakanarra/Wangkatjungka def. Fitzroy Crossing 1 48-0 Yiyili def. Fitzroy Crossing 2 35-13 Bayulu 1 def. Fitzroy Crossing 2 35-4 Yiyili def. Kulkarriya 19-16 Final Results Bayulu 1 4-0 Bayulu 2 4-0 Yiyili 4-0 Wangkatjungka 2-2 Kulkarriya 2-2 Yakanarra/Wangkatjungka 1-3 Muludja 1-3 Fitzroy Crossing 1 0-4 Fitzroy Crossing 2 0-4