Smarter than Smoking U/16 Development Carnival

Over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September, Garnduwa held our annual Smarter than Smoking U/16s Development Carnival in Fitzroy Crossing. The Carnival was an opportunity for budding footy players to showcase their talent for upcoming talent pathways in the Kimberley, including the 2020 U/19s Carnival which always includes representation from Claremont FC in the WAFL.

Thanks to all the teams from across the Kimberley and to everyone who helped the boys travel to Fitzroy. Congrats to Douglas Jackamarra, Braydon Wongawol, Kallun Yungabun, Melvin Tatya and Jamal Stretch on winning awards for maintaining a great standard of footy. Thanks to Majarlin for the support with strapping and sports physio, and of course to everyone who helped with the catering and cleaning! Til next year!