Smarter than Smoking WAFC Cup II

2015 East Kimberley WAFC Cup Champions

2015 East Kimberley WAFC Cup Champions

Kununurra recently played host to the Smarter than Smoking East Kimberley WAFC Cup II which was a clash between the Kununurra Boabs, Halls Creek Cowboys, and making their WAFC Cup debut, Katherine School. The round robin games were played over two 15 minute halves with the two arch rivals, Kununurra Boabs and Halls Creek Cowboys, kicking off the proceedings. The Cowboys ran out winners in a close game over Kununurra by 4 points.

In the second game, Kununurra played Katherine which started out fairly close but in the end the home team, Kununurra Boabs, ran away with a win by 5 goals. The last of the qualifying games was between Katherine and Halls Creek with the Cowboys trying to remain undefeated and make it to the grand final game. Katherine needed a few more players and had the help from some Kununurra Boab players who added a bit of size and speed to the smaller but skilful Katherine team. Katherine however could not stop the rampaging Cowboys who went on to win by 7 goals.

The Grand Final turned out to be a cagey affair between the Halls Creek Cowboys and Kununurra Boabs with only one goal scored in the first half as both sides were having trouble finishing their kicks due to the blustery conditions. There was a turnaround in the second half as the game started to open up. The Cowboys added two goals while the Boabs put their first goal through after a well worked passage down the wing by speedster, Che Watson. The dominant performance by the Cowboys’ ruck man, Alfonso Dixon, and their midfield allowed the Cowboys to step it up a gear to eventually run away with the win by 34 points. They took back the WAFC Cup from Kununurra who beat Halls Creek earlier this year.