Smarter than Smoking Kimberley Cup 2015

Two Broome Senior High School teams go head-to-head

Two Broome Senior High School teams go head-to-head

An account of the Smarter than Smoking 2015 Kimberley Cup by Layla Yu, Garnduwa’s Regional Operations Manager.

After 5 years living in the City I returned home to the Kimberley and had the opportunity to work at the Kimberley Cup. I was reminded of what I have been missing while living away and that includes all the wonderful staff and students from the Kimberley schools and the brilliant, natural talent on display from our Kimberley youth. I was straight back into it as if I had never left. It was a great experience umpiring netball, and even sharing the love and nerves of umpiring basketball for the first time!

Over the 5 day event it was fantastic to see so many schools return for another year to participate, regardless of how small the school is or how great the distance they had to travel. Students came from 11 different schools across the Kimberley for a week of sports and great competition. This year saw our usual sports of netball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball, and the introduction of ultimate frisbee, which was well received.

Garnduwa’s support extended across the basketball and netball competitions by coordinating all games at the outdoor courts, organising umpires and dealing with all sorts of queries. Huge thanks needs to go out to all the school staff, Garnduwa staff and volunteers who pitched in and umpired all the games of netball, basketball, mixed netball and mixed basketball!

In May this year Garnduwa staff completed the first part of their Level 1 Officiating Accreditation. As part of the Kimberley Cup week, Garnduwa was fortunate to have Jess Byrnes from Basketball WA present for the whole week assessing our staff as this is a requirement for the second component of completing and earning Level 1 Officiating Accreditation. Some of our staff went one step further and participated in a Level 0 Referee Coaching course. This will allow them to enhance their skills so they are able to assess other community members officiating, provide them feedback on their ability and level, and encourage more community members to enrol in officiating courses and opportunities that arise.

All in all it was a great week with lots of excitement, top notch talent on display, a few injuries, dancing, umpiring and at the end a very tired bunch!

I would like to thank the Broome Basketball Association, Department of Sport and Recreation, Garnduwa and Basketball WA for working collaboratively in the further development and upskilling of the Kimberley Community. I am sure they will continue to work together in developing a sustainable program to see greater opportunities for more people across the region.

2015 Kimberley Cup East vs West All-Star Teams

Boys Basketball


Dale Cox (HC)

Reece Brooking (Y)

Darren Kirkman (Y)

Lionel Jnr Smith (HC)

Peter Davis (K)

Hakeem Davey (Y)

Rampa (HC)

Orlin Nichaloff (D)

Juwan Maher (OAP)

Azahli Bin Omar (SMC)

Clive Dwargween (B)

Zeke Hunter (B)

Zaki Edgar (OAP)

Jaylen Lockyer (D)

Jye Walker (OAP)

Girls Netball


Dakota Shaw (K)

Aaliyah Williams (WYN)

Sophie Gumpotts (HC)

Mary May Skinner (FV)

Kyona Fraser (FV)

Claudia Bedford (FV)

Taylor McCormack (K)

Emily Alec (HC)

Mikaela Cooper (K)

Kelly Dunker (HC)

Petra Raynes (HC)

Geraiyah Wiggan (OAP)

Adi Cox (SMC)

Jada (D)

Lara Deegan (SMC)

Sabrina Ross (D)

Keshi Moore (B)

Taya Stack Manado (B)

Tehya Jamieson (SMC)

Breeanna Scott (SMC)

Brandi McCarthy (OAP)

Petha Shovellor (LG)

Grace McArthur (D)

2015 Kimberley Cup Award Winners


Most Valuable Player Norman Fronda (Broome)

MVP Runner-up Max Healey (SMC)

Grand Final Kununurra (2) defeated Broome (0)


Most Valuable Player Shanice Flemming (Broome)

MVP Runner-up Katie Havali (Kununurra)

Grand Final Broome 1 (2) defeated Broome 2 (0)


Boys Most Valuable Player Orlin Nichaloff (Derby)

Boys MVP Runner-up Arnold Lockyer (Derby) & Josh Marshall (B)

Girls Most Valuable Player Sharee Dolby (SMC)

Girls MVP Runner-up Sophira Buaneye (Broome)

Grand Final Derby (31) defeated Broome 2 (29)


Most Valuable Player Orlin Nichaloff (Derby)

MVP Runner-up Juwan Maher (OAP)

Grand Final Derby (13) defeated Broome (10)


Most Valuable Player Assura Daisy Bell (Fitzroy Valley)

MVP Runner-up Tanalia Kitching (Yiramalay)

Grand Final Broome (22) defeated Halls Creek (16)


Boys Most Valuable Player Rhodes Boyce (Kununurra)

Boys MVP Runner-up James Miller (Broome)

Girls Most Valuable Player Monsoon Money (Broome)

Girls MVP Runner-up Elise A-H (Broome)

Grand Final Broome 1 (8) defeated Broome 2 (3)


Most Valuable Player Dale Cox (Halls Creek)

MVP Runner-up Islau Puertollano (Broome)

Grand Final Halls Creek-LaGrange (21) defeated Broome (8)


Most Valuable Player Geraiyah Wiggan (OAP)

MVP Runner-up Dakota Shaw (Kununurra)

Grand Final SMC 1 (16) defeated Kununurra (14)


Boys Most Valuable Player Nathaniel Holzhauser (B)

Boys MVP Runner-up Kirana Lockyer (B)

Girls Most Valuable Player Geraiyah Wiggan (OAP)

Girls MVP Runner-up Jaymee Park (B)

Grand Final Broome 2 (16) defeated Broome 1 (13)


Most Valuable Player Taylor McCormack (Kununurra)

MVP Runner-up Scartisha Ningella (SMC)

Grand Final Broome (2) defeated SMC (1)


Most Valuable Player Darel Lumba (B)

MVP Runner-up Lachlan Bonner (B)

Grand Final SMC 2 (5) defeated Kununurra (0)