Smarter than Smoking Girls Leadership Camp making a comeback at El Questro!

Thursday 12th of October saw the beginning of Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Young Indigenous Women’s Leadership Camp. 14 girls from Broome, One Arm Point, La Grange, Yakanarra, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek travelled to El Questro Wilderness Park for two full days of leadership activities. Many of them didn’t know anyone else but challenged themselves, stepped out of their comfort zones and put in a great effort.

The program concentrated on enhancing some of the skills needed to be a good leader; communication skills, ability to listen, willingness to try, creativity and the ability to look after yourself to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle. The 14 young women participated in challenges inspired by the Amazing Race and Master Chef, they created their own games and  played against one another as well as participating in a series of workshops. These workshops were about positive relationships and women’s health, self-care and a nutrition workshop. Special thanks to Boab Health Kununurra, Kimberley Mental Health and Drug Services and Halls Creek Community health for running such great workshops for the girls. Your expertise is greatly appreciated!

For the first time the camp also included an introduction to the Challenge, Achievement and Pathways in Sport (CAPS) Program. The CAPS program allows young people to see what pathways are possible to become a professional in the sporting field without having to be a professional athlete. It works to support them with placements, skill development and commitment to obtain an official certificate. Following the introductory session, if any participant would like to continue, Garnduwa will support their decision and help get them on the right track.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the beautiful Amalia Gorge and Zebedee Springs for a little bit of exercise and relaxation. The relaxations continued with a pampering and tie dying session run by two wonderful ladies from the ICEA Foundation, an organisation started by a previous Garnduwa leadership program participant.

Through all aspects of the program, there was a fabulous group of staff to assist the young leaders where necessary. Adults from Broome, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and even Perth helped drive the girls across the Kimberley and around El Questro and encouraged enhanced participation at all times. A huge thank you to all the wonderful people that volunteered to attend.

2017’s Garnduwa Smarter than Smoking Young Indigenous Women’s Leadership Camp was a great success and all those that participated should be thoroughly proud of their efforts! With young leaders like this, Australia’s future is looking bright!