Smarter than Smoking Community Spotlight

Yurmulun Basketball Winners with Their Smarter than Smoking Basketballs

Yurmulun Basketball Winners with Their Smarter than Smoking Basketballs

Yurmulun is a small West Kimberley community located 56 km south of Derby along the banks of the Fitzroy River. Yurmulun has been leading the way in the Derby region as a model Smarter than Smoking Active Community. Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Active Community Development Officer, Sonny Ozies, has been working with Yurmulun (formerly Pandanus Park Communtiy) since he moved back to Derby in 2011. Sonny has been impressed by the commitment the Yurmulun Community members have made to focus on promoting the values of a Smarter than Smoking Active Community.

The driving force behind Yurmulun’s commitment to having healthy and active children and adults is Tracey Charles. Tracey leads by example because she is a keen basketballer and she coordinates all sporting teams for Yurmulun. Tracey works tirelessly to improve on the programs established in the community by seeking sponsorships to buy community uniforms, equipment and vehicles and to set up the Breakfast Program which is run every day. Tracey also works in Derby as the Activity Supervisor for Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation and has been the Junior Basketball and Football coach for Yurmulun.

Yurmulun has participated in all senior men’s football exhibition matches as the Yurmulun Suns, in the Derby Basketball Association’s competitions in the men’s division as the Yurmulun Spurs, in the women’s division as the Yurmulun Rays and 3 Junior Teams as the Thunder, Kings and Girls. This year the boys also played in the Derby Tigers Junior Football Competition every week. The dedication and hard work of the community has definitely paid off because the sports teams have won competitions and have many accomplishments for 2015. These include the Spurs basketball team winning the 2015 Garnduwa Festival in the Men’s Division.

The Yurmulun children have to be healthy and active to have the stamina to make it through their long days. Eating well, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are essential for the children because a typical day in the life of a child in Yurmulun is not easy and begins with a 5.45am walk over to the Breakfast Club, getting on the school bus by 6.45am, arriving at school at 7.30am to learn and grow daily. In addition, two days a week they play either basketball or football after school which means they are not arriving home until 8pm. Then they do it all over again the next day.

Yurmulun has been recognised by the Derby Tigers Football Club and the Derby Basketball Association for their efforts and commitment to getting their community children playing more structured competitions. The adults are also considering adding another active commitment for 2016 with the Yurmulun Suns Men’s Football Team playing in the Central Kimberley Football League. This will require the men to commit to traveling 300 km to Fitzroy Crossing each week to compete in the league games. This feat alone is deserving of an award.

Garnduwa’s Derby Active Community Coordinator, Sonny Ozies, would like to commend Tracey and the entire Yurmulun Community for their efforts in opening doors to new sporting opportunities and competitions for the men, women and children of their community. Sonny said, “Without any hesitation I believe that Tracey and the community members show great commitment to promoting health and wellbeing when they jump at any opportunity that arrives on Yurmulun’s doorstep to be involved in sporting events and competitions. They are the perfect Active Community in the Derby area!”

If there are any stakeholders looking to support a community, the Yurmulun Community would be the ideal place to start. The Yurmulun Office number is 9191 7522.