Smarter than Smoking Athletics Fever Hits Looma

2015 Looma Remote Community Faction Athletic Champions

2015 Looma Remote Community Faction Athletic Champions

Looma Remote Community School hosted their annual Faction Athletics Carnival on Thursday the 6th of August and Friday the 14th of August. Thursday was set aside for all jumping and throwing events which included the high, long and triple jumps and the shot put, discus and vortex throw. The day was cool but with no breeze around the throwers had the opportunity to try their luck at breaking some records. By the end of the event all records remained safe. Athletes were outstanding in their events and the competition was set up for a big day of running and team games for the next week.

The following Friday was a day filled with great potential and a community ready to erupt in excitement as it turned into a sea of Blue, Red and Green. Each colour represented a different faction which had organised their own marches and chants that they used to psych out their rivals and to mentally prepare for the day ahead. The day began with the boys and girls 800m distance events which were then followed by the 25m, 50m, 75m and 200m races. A round of team games followed and the quest for the champion faction was anyone’s guess! The 100m and 400m races rounded out the day as the Kimberley sun set ever so quickly and smoke from a fire around the Grant Ranges surrounded Looma Community. The Blue Faction stormed home to win the 2015 Looma Faction Athletic Carnival.

The “Dash for Cash” call to race announcements went out at the end of the day which pulled adult community members from the crowd for the Over 40′s 50m race followed by the prestigious Blue Ribbon Community Dash for Cash. The race was won by Darliyah Killer for the women and Jefferson Pindan for the men. The men had a close finish but it came down to Mr Guy Hayward’s electronic timing devices proving once again why Jefferson is the fastest man in Looma.

To close the carnival, and in his final speech as Master of Ceremonies for the Looma Faction Carnival, Mr Bevan Paxman’s last words were, “A day spent running would equal a day spent sleeping”.