Perth Sorry Day at Wellington Square

Kimberley Klub students join us for some mini golf

Kimberley Klub students join us for some mini golf

National Sorry Day is held each year on the 26th of May to remember and commemorate the Stolen Generations. Reconciliation WA organised their annual event at Wellington Square in East Perth for primary and high school students from schools in and around Perth. The event attracted over a thousand students and adults. The day was filled with a wide range of activities for students such as face painting, material painting, dancing, music, didgeridoo lessons and a range of sports including mini golf, kicking the footy, even competitions with the local police. It was awesome to see how many schools came along to enjoy the day.

Garnduwa had two mini golf courses set up for the students, with a prize if you scored a hole-in-one or made it in three shots or less on the longer course. Many students joined in the fun and at times the queue to play seemed to extend forever. Students were very keen to have a conversation and a laugh. It was great to see so many of the students who participate with the Kimberley Klub come over and say hello. Meeting students from other schools was also great fun.

Special thanks should be extended to Brianna Ozies who is a past Kimberley Klub member and is now studying medicine at UWA. Brianna was kind enough to spend the day with us running activities. Our team received many compliments from people about our make shift mini golf course because kids thought it was a simple idea but a great deal of fun.