Peninsula Football League - Round 1

The first round of Peninsula Football League is underway!

On Friday 11th May the PFL kicked off the first round of the carnival. The first round was located at Beagle Bay Community oval, the game was a spectacular one as the kids played fantastic football showing off their skills. The teams that competed were One Arm Point, Christ The King and Sacred Heart. Each school has selected a group of young kids from years 4-6 who attend Garnduwa activities and are doing well in school. One Arm Point and Christ The King joined up to play against the Beagle Bays Sacred Heart School. The game was competitive as both teams went back and forth kicking goals and showing off their deadly skills.   

At the end of the game, we had a presentation for awards. The Garnduwa staff had awards to give out to the schools and best players. We gave out footballs for the schools to train with and for the best player as a reward for playing their best on the day. After presentations Garnduwa’s CEO Michael Albert had some healthy fresh fruit waiting for everyone to enjoy after a big day of footy. All players and school staffs were satisfied with the day as the kids enjoyed competing against each other in a game of footy.

The next round will be on the 25th May at 9:30 am. Please come to One Arm Point School oval to support the kids play footy.