Kimberley Players Shine in Perth

It has been an exciting 2014 for our Kimberley boys who stepped up this year and made the decision to have a go at playing football at the elite level with the West Australian Football League (WAFL) in Perth. It is a tough competition and now the boys have had a taste of and understand just how fit and healthy each of them needs to be if they want to succeed, be injury free and enjoy the game they all love so much.

It is great to hear about the highlights of the year from the Claremont Football Club (CFC) which was grateful to have the great play and contributions from 10 Kimberley players in 2014, including Aaron Birch from Beagle Bay, Francis Divili, Will Laurison and Robert Simons from Derby, Lawrence Evans and Ash Johnson of Kununurra, Sam Petrevski-Seton and Shane McAdam from Halls Creek, Francis Watson of Balgo, and Keifer Yu from Broome. All boys played Colts, except for Shane and Keifer who played regular games for the Reserves side with Keifer able to participate in a handful of League games.

Francis Watson competes for Claremont Football Club in the WAFL Colts Preliminary Final 2014.

Francis Watson competes for Claremont Football Club in the WAFL Colts Preliminary Final 2014.

In other Kimberley Football news from Perth, Shane McAdam and Robert Simons took up residence at the Claremont Football House. This is a partnership arrangement between CFC and Garnduwa that was reestablished in 2014 with a fantastic houseparent and great support for the residents. We look forward to welcoming more boys to enjoy this opportunity as they get a chance to play WAFL in Perth.

We would like to congratulate Francis Watson who made the State 18s while also starting a first year apprenticeship with Cummins. Francis has also been invited to the National Combine Testing in Melbourne from September 30th to October 3rd. Congratulations also go out to Sam Petrevski-Seton who made the State 16s, was voted MVP of the carnival and was inducted into the AFL Academy for the 2015 season. The Kimberley youth continue to impress those in the footy community. Way to go, Francis and Sam!

In July 2014, Ross McQueen, the CFC Colts Coach, traveled to Broome and coached the Kimberley Spirit squad to victory against his usual CFC Colts team. During this match, Sam Petrevski-Seton won the prestigious John Jones Medal for the Kimberley Spirit MVP for the match.

Overall it has been a great season. Some of the boys have already committed to pre-season training which kicks off in November to get fit and ready for Round 1 in 2015. We wish the old boys and the new recruits all the best with the upcoming season and encourage any Kimberley families living in Perth to come to Claremont to watch the boys play throughout the season.