Kimberley Football Players Show Off Their Talent

Kimberley football players trying out some AFL style testing

Kimberley football players trying out some AFL style testing

Football players from around the Kimberley came together in Broome for the Kimberley Talent Selection Carnival that was held on the 30th of September. Ninety-three of the best 14-17 year old footballers from across the East and West Kimberley were there to display their football talent and skills as they were competing for positions on both the North West Academy and Kimberley Spirit Squads for 2016.

The day began when the players were introduced to the requirements to be a member of each squad. The players participated in sessions on AFL draft style testing, nutrition workshops, football development, personal development and goal setting. At the conclusion of the workshops two matches were played in the evening which allowed the evaluators and coaches to observe the players football skills in match situations. After participating in the player testing, observing player involvement in the workshops and the high standard of play in the matches the selectors were left with an arduous task of determining the final rosters for the 2016 North West Academy and Kimberley Spirit Squads.

It was great to see all the additional involvement from communities around the Kimberley with the participation of local and regional coaches who attended the day. They were able to observe the process that the selectors use to rate the football players and they were able to experience the expectations of the talent programs. Hopefully this first-hand knowledge will allow more local coaches to have an active involvement in the talent development process in the future.

It takes several weeks after the Talent Selection Carnival for all final selections to be made. All regional training squads will continue to help with the play and development of all up-and-coming players. A big thank you goes out to Darren Davis from WAFC for his involvement and contributions to the carnival, Garnduwa, all local coaches who participated in the carnival, Broome Senior High School and the fantastic catering staff.