Halls Creek Basketball Carnival

In what has been a very rainy January the Halls Creek Recreation Centre has been a hub of energy and activity for the community’s youth and this was epitomised on Wednesday the 25th when the centre hosted the Halls Creek Basketball Carnival. Over 60 under 17s took part with kids from Kununurra and Halls Creek comprising the four boys’ and three girls’ teams.

Garnduwa’s Deon Cox director of the carnival said “It was great to see kids from Halls Creek and Kununurra coming together to play Basketball. The games were competitive but played in the Garnduwa spirit with everyone having fun.”

The Garnduwa - Smarter Than Smoking Basketball Carnival which brought together over 100 people to enjoy and support the competition wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Shire of Halls Creek, Olabud Youth Services, the Halls Creek Recreation Centre staff, the Wunan School attendance program, and the under 17s of Halls Creek and Kununurra who participated. The day demonstrated the power of active community involved and showed off the benefits of concerted collaborative efforts.

Even as the rain continued to tumble down on the day people were drawn to the atmosphere of the games under the big roof of the basketball courts. The Kununurra Warriors (pictured in the red and black guernseys) were well rewarded for their 5:30am wake-up call as they took out the boys' title after a day of undefeated basketball and the Halls Creek Spirits took out the girls’ title after also going undefeated in the girls round robin competition.

The kids were tasked with the registering, recruiting and naming responsibilities for their teams and Garnduwa would like to extend a big congratulations to all of those who took part in what was a very enjoyable day. The other teams included the Heat, Rebels, Thunder and Kbulls.