Fitzroy Valley Youth Hub School Holiday Program

The 2018 December/January school holidays was a fun filled time. There was lots of bush trips and hunting with the gang successfully catching a big fat goanna. We visited Yiyili water hole as well as spending time at Six Mile Spring. The youth enjoyed fishing and relaxing at the sandbar in Bayulu as well as river hangs at Redair. The food was enjoyed and plenty of ice cold water on those hot muggy wet season days.

Two pool parties and Dylan dropping the beats made for a nice way to spend the Tuesday nights. While Thursdays nights were spent at the shire with the local police and a few sausages in bread while we raced on scooters and skateboards.

Lots of opportunities to play sport were also enjoyed as well as some cooking with Fair Game. All in all, it was a diverse and adventurous few weeks.

Garnduwa would like to thank all the services who helped out and work collaboratively on the sessions and most importantly would like to thank the youth. Overall the attitude and behaviour was wonderful from all involved. We look forward to the April school holidays and Celebrating National Youth Week.

Dominique Smith

Youth Hub Coordinator