Faction Pride Arrives at Derby District High School

Napier winners in the Primary School Division

Napier winners in the Primary School Division

On Friday the 21st of August primary school students and the students of Derby District High School painted themselves in different colours of red, green or blue, readied their vocal chords, stretched their muscles and prepared their minds for the biggest sporting day of the year-the Derby District High School Smarter than Smoking Faction Athletics Carnival. The primary students were ready to compete in team games while the secondary students competed in their throwing events. Once again the starter’s whistle was drowned out by the constant cheering and chants coming from the parents, siblings, uncles and aunties who arrived to support the students in their games and races.

After the team games and individual events were completed it was time for the adults Derby Dash for Cash. The women had a great turn out and it was a close race up until half way when Gertrude Oombagooma pulled away from the field to take home the win in the women’s event. The men’s race saw raw power from Orlin Nichaloff as he blew the field away by 20m to win the division.

After a long day of competition, aching muscles, lots of water and sore throats there could be only one winning faction in each division. In the primary school division Napier once again proved why they are always athletic favourites. In the secondary school division the Sharks proved too strong for the Croc contingent and were crowned the winning faction for 2015. Until next year athletic bragging rights belong to Napier and the Sharks.