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2014 Smarter than Smoking East Kimberley Young Men’s Leadership Camp Participants

2014 Smarter than Smoking East Kimberley Young Men’s Leadership Camp Participants

The Smarter than Smoking East Kimberley Young Men’s Leadership Camp took the boys on a “Man vs Wild” Adventure as they tackled Mother Nature through leadership activities on the outskirts of Kununurra on the Mighty Ord River. Fifteen boys were selected from as far as Balgo, Halls Creek, Warmun, and Kununurra along with 4 students from Christ Church Grammar School to embark on a 4 day long camp from the 16th-19th October. The camp took place at Macka’s Camp off Crossing Falls Road through his Eco-noeing – Go Wild Adventure Tours.

As the boys were welcomed to the camp they were split into four groups where they had to decide on a team name and motto. Teams Hulk, Red Cobra, White Cane Toads and Blue Lightning were then put into two groups to tackle the challenging low ropes course while the others had to brave the steep climb to the “Not for the Faint Hearted” 20m abseiling cliff! Lunch was organised by Steve Stevets from Boab Health who demonstrated how to cook up a healthy stir fry and at the same time talked about nutrition and how easy it is to prepare a healthy meal. With this knowledge each team then had to cook up a stir fry for lunch which was very tasty and satisfying.

After lunch the teams then hopped into their canoes to get a guided tour and lesson on safety as the group snaked their way up Maxwell Creek off the Ord River. The paddle was a fast and furious race with water fights along the way a welcome relief from the high 30° heat. Steve then had the groups cook up their own healthy kangaroo stew in camp ovens for dinner which by the end of the night were polished clean.

The next day had the teams doing the Treasure Hunt Challenge which was a great team building exercise as they had to work together to use the clues to find the coloured balls scattered all around the camp site. Next was the infamous Spider Web which had the team leaders take a step back so the boys could tackle the challenge themselves with hilarious results! When the boys completed the activity there was a sense of accomplishment as the team recognised the importance of working as a team in order to complete a common goal.

As part of Garnduwa’s Smarter than Smoking Programs, Andrew Schultz and Shaun Sullivan from Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council presented theirNuff of the Puff Session with the boys which provided them with great information and was well received. After one more canoeing challenge the boys finished the day with aWinner Takes All game of capture the flag which had the boys and team leaders weaving through thick bush to try and steal the opposition’s flag while still needing to defend their own.

The last night saw the boys cooking their own meals again. This time it was beef stew in the camp ovens and while they were gently simmering away Steve delivered another Session on Nutrition focusing on sugar, the amounts that are consumed and the effects on people’s health. This was an eye opener for the boys as the session demonstrated the amount of sugar contained in every day foods especially soft drinks and sports drinks

The camp ended with the presentation night which had the groups come together in aYarning Circle to debrief on the weekend’s activities. A few of the boys were very quiet to start off but by the last night they started to open up and contribute to the conversation on what they liked and what they learned at the camp. The boys then sat back and enjoyed the slide show of pictures taken of them and their teams’ adventures over the past few days.

The camp was supported by Healthway, Gelganyem Trust, Skill Hire Youth Connections, Boab Health and Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council. Garnduwa would also like to thank the various community volunteers and presenters who supported the camp by their attendance.