Auskickers at “Smarter than Smoking” Gala Days

Enjoying Smarter than Smoking Auskick Gala Days in Looma

Enjoying Smarter than Smoking Auskick Gala Days in Looma

Looma Community nestled behind the Grant Ranges overlooking the Floodplains of the Mighty Fitzroy River hosted their second annual Auskick Gala Day with well over 60 primary school kids coming out and celebrating Australia’s biggest grass roots program the Australian Football League’s Auskick Program. The Looma Gala Day is part of the Garnduwa Promotion ofGet Ready for Auskick Week where the Garnduwa Staff run a series of Auskick sessions in the major communities and towns along with support of the West Australian Football Commission.

The Auskick Program is a major part of the lives of the kids in Looma. The renowned Looma Eagles Football Club deliver this program under the guidance of their football legend, Lyle Buck. Community members, parents, relatives and elders enjoy watching the program unfold down at the community oval. Last year’s Auskick Coordinator, Lyle Buck, mentioned that, “The kids-they love it!! Being able to go down to the oval and play football before the big boys train is what some of them little guys look forward to and for them I do it three times a week”.

Five Auskick stations were set up around the two school ovals and the students spent 10 minutes at each station learning a new skill. The stations were run by volunteers, Joseˊ Martin and Saverio Yambo, Looma’s physical education teacher, Guy Hayward, and Derby’s Smarter than Smoking Active Community Development Officer, Sonny Ozies, in order to assist Mick Albert. Auskick Sessions included key teaching techniques on handballing, marking, kicking, goal kicking and target delivery. The students enjoyed the day with lots of water during the changeover time and a nice healthy lunch to end the day.

The 2015 Auskick Gala Day held at Looma Remote Community School had great support from the school staff and community members. Garnduwa’s West Kimberley Manager Mick Albert coordinated the week of Gala Days that began in the East Kimberley and had a grand finish in Looma. Each Gala Day was designed to promote the Auskick for 2015 message and that Auskick and other athletic activities are “Smarter than Smoking”. One of the students of Looma Remote Community School explained that he understood that Smarter than Smoking meant “No-Smoking at all will make you healthier and fitter when playing sport”.

Looma’s Auskick Centre will be starting in late April with Lyle Buck again coordinating the program. Auskick will be delivered three times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to join the fun at Looma Auskick Centre, please contact Guy Hayward at Looma Remote Community School on 9191 4765.