All Smarter than Smoking Smiles for the Wyndham Winners

Wyndham Winners of the Day show off their medals

Wyndham Winners of the Day show off their medals

On April 2nd, five teams from across the East Kimberley competed in a basketball carnival at the Wyndham Recreation Centre. Years 4, 5 and 6 girls from Warmun, St. Joseph’s Wyndham, Wyndham District High School, St. Joseph’s Kununurra and Kalumburu all fought it out on the court through the four gruelling qualifying games to earn a place in the semi-finals.

Kalumburu and St Joseph’s Kununurra secured a spot in the first semi-final whilst 2nd and 3rd placed teams, Warmun and Wyndham District High School, came head to head in the second semi-final. The semi-final action on the court did not disappoint but in the end Kalumburu and Wyndham District High School were victorious and would meet in the Grand Final.

During the Grand Final the teams’ support crews were doing some immense cheering and it is surprising that the roof of the Wyndham Recreation Centre was still intact at half time. In the second half the deafening crowd kept spirits high for the players as they fought goal for goal to the very end. In the last heartbreaking minutes it must have been the support of fellow students and the advantage of their home turf that saw Wyndham District high School take the lead and secure a 4-point win over Kalumburu.

All teams that participated played extremely well and with great sportsmanship and team spirit. A special thanks to Wyndham District High School students for their help throughout the day and to the teachers and coaches who accompanied their teams. It made for a great finish to Term 1 2015.