Work Experience at Garnduwa

Recently students from Broome Senior High School were given the opportunity to embark on work experience. 

Garnduwa welcomed Sean to the team. Sean exceeded our expectations and we were lucky to have him in the office. We’d like to support him to achieve his goals and hope that he succeeds in the sporting industry - whatever path he chooses. Well done Sean.

This is what he had to say about the experience…

I was lucky enough to be accepted by Garnduwa, a non-profit organisation that assists in all things sport and rec throughout the Kimberly. Garnduwa has an overall goal as an organisation, that is to promote a healthy lifestyle to people of the Kimberly through the role modelling of their employees and I believe each and every one employed here does that to a very high standard.

Throughout the week I have undertaken a variety of tasks that are involved with a variety of roles here at the Sports House. This included admin tasks such as helping with the pay roll, completing invoices, organising data and photos and recording quantities of merchandise made up the weeks work in the office side of things. I also spent some time with Eamon Rice the regional WAFC representative and developed a training plan (with an emphasis on tackling) which we then used to run a training session with the Broome Girls Academy at their after school fitness program.  On the final afternoon I accompanied Krissie Dickman at a sport and rec meeting with representatives from many organisations of Broome in attendance.  

I took in and learnt so much at this meeting as the area of sport and rec is one I would love to be a part of in the future and this week of work experience has showed me the many options available to me.  

Sean Williams