Deadly Diva Day Derby

On Tuesday 11th September Garnduwa hosted the 2018 Deadly Diva Day at the Derby Youth Centre.

27 students from Derby District High School aged between 12 - 16 attended this exciting event that hasn’t been held in Derby for a number of years. The sessions were delivered by inspiring women from agencies such as Alive & Kicking Goals, Kimberley Population Health Unit (Broome), Boab Health, Life & Soul, Garl Girl Walbu Peer Education and TIS teams. 

The 27 girls engaged in workshops promoting healthy choices through dance, nutrition, social and emotional well being.

We would like to extend thanks and our appreciation to the following: Rio Tinto, Derby Fuels, Kimberley Pharmacy, Derby Youth Centre, DDHS, DAHS, TIS Team Garl Garl Walbu, Boab Health, Kimberley Population Healthy Unit (Broome), Alive and Kicking Goals, Sara Life & Soul, and a special thanks to Miss Bonner, Miss Jocelyn O’Connor, and Ayla-May for the extra support on the day.

The Derby Deady Diva Day was very successful for everyone involved. The Divas thoroughly enjoyed the day - they all said it was AWESOME!!