The Garnduwa Festival

The 2018 Smarter than Smoking Garnduwa Festival was a huge success!

Bringing together football & basketball teams plus bands and dancers from across the Kimberley, the Garnduwa Festival was a celebration of sport and culture held this year between Thursday 27th September to Sunday 30th September at Fitzroy Crossing.

The festival offers the opportunity for many traditional owner groups, language groups, communities and family groups meet at Fitzroy Crossing for a four-day celebration of cultural and traditional music and dance, contemporary music and youth artistic expression.

This year the competitions involved 13 men’s football teams & 20 women’s basketball teams. Bands performed on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mick Albert, Garnduwa’s CEO said, ‘The Garnduwa Festival is the flagship event of Garnduwa and we have been able to bring it back to the people after a hiatus of 5 years in a big way. Throughout the four days the energy that was in the air from the players, spectators, staff and volunteers really brought me back to when the Festival was pumping back in its heyday only 6 or 7 years ago. The feedback I have received has been overwhelming, especially from the community people that have been involved in this event for many years from all around the Kimberley.’

The Garnduwa Festival demonstrates what our communities can achieve when people come together to support each other.

Garnduwa would like to thank to Healthway, Marra Worra Worra, Leedal and the Shire of Derby West Kimberley for supporting the festival so that we could bring it back to Fitzroy Crossing for 2018. Also thank you to Mary Aiken and KALACC, the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Department of Communities, Nindilingarri, Desert Feet, FX Comms, Fair Game, West Australian Football Commission, Shooting Stars, Water Corporation and the Fitzroy Valley Aboriginal Sporting Association for all coming together to make this festival a success!


Below are the official final results;

Garnduwa Festival 2018 B Grade MVP a tie between Sophire Clancy and Nataylia Mulligan

Garnduwa Festival 2018 B Grade Runners Up Moongardie Flames

Garnduwa Festival 2018 - Grand Final B Grade MVP Cazarah Augustine

Garnduwa Festival 2018 B Grade Winners Djugerari Bad Girls

Garnduwa Festival 2018 Marmingee Hand Cup B Grade Basketball Champions Djugerari Bad Girls

Garnduwa Festival 2018 A Grade MVP Jerisha Wungudin

Garnduwa Festival 2018 A Grade Runners Up Fitzroy Crossing Tiddahs

Garnduwa Festival 2018 - Grand Final A Grade MVP Zyian Ejai

Garnduwa Festival 2018 A Grade Winners One Arm Point All Stars

Garnduwa Festival 2018 A Grade Basketball Champions One Arm Point All Stars

100M Dash for Cash winners Zanthia and AJ

Garnduwa Festival 2018 Overall MVP Zephaniah Skinner

Garnduwa Festival 2018 - Runners Up Pumarjardi Bulldogs

Garnduwa Festival 2018 - Grand Final MVP Keanu Shandley

Garnduwa Festival 2018 - Winners 8 Mile Giants

Garnduwa Festival 2018 Joe Brown/McPhee Cup Champions 8 Mile Giants