Basketball is one of the most popular sports played across the Kimberley region. You can see this as you travel to different towns and communities because you will find some form basketball court in which kids and adults alike can be found shooting around or having a game in the balmy Kimberley afternoons.

There has been a rich history in Regional Carnivals where teams come from across the Kimberley to compete with different communities.

Terms One and Four are when Garnduwa focus on Junior Basketball Development and support the delivery of the Aussie Hoops Program throughout remote communities and towns across the Kimberley region.

Garnduwa also supports a number of community organised basketball events and competitions that occur throughout the year in different communities. Garnduwa can assist communities by providing coach and officiating training, competition and carnival development, and other resources.

You can read more about basketball in the Kimberley, including competitions, support and resources, here.

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