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The Royal Life Saving Society

With the hot climate and abundant amount of water ways in the Kimberley region, many sport and recreation activities are based around beaches, pools, rivers, creeks and gorges. These activities are simply not able to take place without appropriately skilled people in attendance with the type and level of those skills, and the number of people present who possess them, being determined by the organisation running the activities and the level of duty of care legally applied to that organisation.

To meet these demands and increase the safety of water based sport and recreation programs, staff and volunteers can register and complete the following courses:

  • First Aid and Resuscitation
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Lifesaving
  • Water safety

The training programs educate participants on identifying and avoiding potentially dangerous situations and how to manage injuries. The Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia is one of Australia’s leading first aid and aquatic safety educators. Their role is to prevent the loss of life and injury in the community with an emphasis on aquatic environments. They do this through the provision of the educational programs detailed above. For more details you can visit the Royal Life Saving website.

Aquatic safety courses are delivered on a regular basis both in the metropolitan region and in regional areas. For more information on courses being delivered in your town, contact the following:

Broome Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre
Phone: (08) 9191 8720
Email: shire@broome.wa.gov.au
Derby Derby Recreation Centre
Phone: (08) 9191 0999
Email: arm@sdwk.wa.gov.au
Fitzroy Fitzroy Crossing Pool
Email: fitzroycrossingpool@bigpond.com
Halls Creek Halls Creek Aquatic Centre
Phone: (08) 9168 6007
Email: hcshire@hcshire.wa.gov.au
Kununurra Kununurra Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool
Phone: (08) 9168 2120
Wyndham Wyndham Swimming Pool
Phone: (08) 9161 1293