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Accredited Officiating Courses
Umpires, referees and officials are critical to all sports. Officiating is a great way to be involved in structured sport and there are opportunities for remuneration through various sports. Officiating accreditation courses require participants to be assessed and to meet certain competencies. There are pathways available for talented officials in various sports. Elite level sports require officials to be able to officiate at an elite level.

The staged accreditation process is designed to provide officials with the training and knowledge required to officiate high-level competitions. Representative carnivals and regional, state and national carnivals are good opportunities for officials to gain experience at a higher level of competition.

For more information on the accreditation process for any sport contact your local Garnduwa office or visit the state sporting association website appropriate to the sport in which you are interested including AFL Football, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Softball and Cricket.

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Basketball – Basketball WA
Netball – Netball WA
Soccer – Football West
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