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First Aid Training
Having accredited first aid personnel present at all sport and recreational events is vitally important. Unforeseen injuries and health issues are a risk in all sport and recreation environments.  The provision of professional first aid at the time of the incident is critical to minimising the long term extent of the injury or health issue. Good first aid also ensures the injured person receives the correct information and treatment in relation to the injury.

In the Kimberley region, environmental factors such as heat, humidity and the prevalence of water-based activities provide additional risks to sport and recreational programs and must be equally considered.

St John Ambulance is one of the providers of First Aid Training in the Kimberley region. The St John Ambulance first aid course covers a broad range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for ill or injured until medical aid arrives.

For more information on course availability you can visit the St John Ambulance WA website or contact your local Garnduwa office.