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Softball in the Kimberley
Softball in the Kimberley varies in its capacity as a sport throughout the Region from year to year. The Competitions that operate at various locations throughout the year vary and rely heavily on the demand and interest for the sport at any given time.

Historically Softball has had a strong focus, particularly in the East Kimberley, in which women participated heavily in the sport. The Kununurra Softball association has had at times up to 6 women’s teams participating in the competition and for a while sent a representative team to compete in the Northern Territory Championships. Currently there is no softball competition running in Kununurra. There is however a Junior Tee Ball competition that continues each year during the dry season. For further information on softball and tee ball in Kununurra contact:

Kerri Gunson
Kununurra Softball Club – President

In Broome there is a Women’s Social Softball Competition that is run weekly usually from May through to August and is well attended. The ladies enjoy the physical aspects of the game however it also has a strong community and social focus, which keeps members interested. Broome Softball is a very new club which is still small but hoping to grow. For further information about softball in Broome contact:

Alice Best
Broome Softball Association
Phone: 0400 203 922

Remote Communities
There is not a lot of consistency with senior competitions throughout the Kimberley. However, softball is often played at a junior level either socially or during school competitions run by Garnduwa. It is hoped that Softball will continue to develop within the Kimberley and any community that is interested in getting softball up and going in their community can do so by contacting their local Garnduwa Office who will be only too happy to assist.

Coaching and Officiating
Softball WA is primarily responsible for the delivery of Coaching and Officiating training within the Kimberley. Usually training and development programs are delivered on an as needed basis and are often coordinated through the Garnduwa contact in each area.

Softball WA has in the past run various workshops for Garnduwa staff and provided training so as the fundamental skills can be taught to our youth.
If there is an interest in and coaching or officiating training for your club or social Softball group please contact your local Garnduwa Office.

All resources including rule books, field dimensions and score cards can be obtained from Softball WA.

Softball WA
Phone: (08) 9349 9911