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Leadership programs are delivered throughout the Kimberley to encourage students to further enhance their qualities and potential as strong community organizers and persons of influence.

The programs are crucial to the development of Kimberley Youth as our future leaders and are extremely important to foster and empower Kimberley people and their communities.

Garnduwa’s Leadership Programs consists of three major parts throughout the year including Young Women’s Camps, Young Men’s Camps and the Deadly Divas Days each held at various locations throughout the calendar year. All leadership programs identify Kimberley girls and boys who have demonstrated leadership potential seen through their participation in other Garnduwa programs, at school or within their community.

Activities at the programs are designed to engage the youth in cultural meaningful exercises, physically challenging activities and problem solving situations requiring resilience, leadership, communication, and cooperation skills to be successful. We believe our Leadership programs offer young people the opportunity to develop themselves through value adding experiences that will deliver enhanced prospects for employment, education and community.