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Junior football gives children the chance to play competitive sport in a structured environment that utilises modified rules to ensure an even playing field amongst all participants.

Junior football continues to grow in the Kimberley Region with participation levels growing very quickly. Broome and Kununurra have structured junior football competitions with competitions for children from 9 – 12 years of age. The West Kimberley Junior Football League has 4 age groups that play on Saturday morning with the age groups mirroring schooling years with competitions for Year 4, 5 and 6/7. The East Kimberley Junior Football League has one competition for Year 5/6/7.

Junior football continues to develop in the region with modified competitions in Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek having been created.


Youth football competitions in the Kimberley are for 13 to 16 year olds and like the juniors Broome and Kununurra have structured competitions in this age group. This is the first competition that players experience “open rules”.

In Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek less formal competitions are played in this age group usually on a Saturday prior to the senior competition.

Youth football is also the age that players can first access the regions talent pathway by gaining selection in their regions 16’s development squads.

For more information on your town’s junior or youth football competition you can contact your regions Football Development Coordinator:

West Kimberley Football Development Coordinator
Michael Farmer –
Phone: 0407 658 698

East Kimberley Football Development Coordinator
Ryan Campbell –
Phone: 0428 109 518


Colts football in the Kimberley is for players aged between 17 and 19 years withy the West Kimberley League is the only one of the three Kimberley leagues that has a structured colt’s competition. The competition was established in 2011 and five of the eight teams in the league have a side in the competition.

Throughout the rest of the Kimberley players aged 17 and over play in their senior competitions.
In June each year Garnduwa hosts the Kimberley Colts Football Championships in Fitzroy Crossing at which four teams participate from the West Kimberley, Central Kimberley and the northern and southern divisions of the East Kimberley. Competition is fierce at this event as players press for selection in the prestigious Kimberley Spirit team which plays in the WA Colts Country Championships.


The three senior football leagues in the Kimberley are the West Kimberley, Central Kimberley and East Kimberley Football Leagues. The season for all three leagues is from April to August and all three leagues are affiliated with the West Australian Country Football League.

West Kimberley Football League (WKFL)

The WKFL has 8 teams in the league with 4 teams based in Broome (Broome Bulls, Broome Saints, Broome Towns and Cable Beach), 1 in Derby and 3 community teams based in Bidyadanga, Beagle Bay and Looma. They League plays on Saturdays in Broome with Derby and Looma home games being played in Derby.

For further information on the West Kimberley Football League contact:

Graeme Gordon
General Manager

Central Kimberley Football League (CKFL)

The CKFL is a 6 team competition that is comprises one team from Fitzroy Crossing and five from communities in the Fitzroy Valley. Those communities include Noonkenbah (about 100km south west of Fitzroy Crossing), Yakanarra, Bayulu, Wangkatjungka and Yiyili (180km east of Fitzroy). All games are played on Saturday in Fitzroy Crossing.

For further information on the Central Kimberley Football League contact:

Geoff Davis
General Manager

East Kimberley Football League

The East Kimberley Football League is a two division competition. The northern division has six teams including Ord River Magpies, Kununurra Demons, Waringarri Crows, Warmun Eagles, Wydnham Crocs and Timber Creek who come from just inside the Northern Territory border.

The southern division is based in Halls Creek and includes the Halls Creek Hawks, Yardgee Dockers, Balgo, Billiluna and Ringer Soak.

For further information on the East Kimberley Football League contact:

Wayne Paul