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It is important to regularly update your skills and knowledge of the game. Basketball is a growing sport across the world and as such there are often changes to rules and development. Garnduwa endeavours to hold a number of coaching and officiating courses throughout the year to skill more people in the Kimberley to keep up with the changes and learn the rules of the game.

If your Community or Association requires development in Coaching and Officiating, Garnduwa can assist with the delivery of appropriate training. Our Staff can deliver basic training at your community or arrange for accredited training to be delivered in the region.

For further information contact your local Garnduwa office.

There are several levels of Coaching Accreditation with all requiring a Working with Children Check. Below is a summary of each of the courses available and endorsed by Basketball WA

Level 0
This is the introductory level course, which is designed to cover General Principles of Coaching while encompassing basketball specific fundamentals and exploring the role of the coach. Club coaches, parents, teachers and secondary students with an interest in sports coaching are ideally suited for this course.

Level 1
This is a Nationally Accredited course by the Australian Sports Commission through its National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Candidates need to have completed the Level 0 Course and maintained coaching for at least 12 months before applying for this course. The course takes 15 hours to complete and involves both on-court and off-court components in its content. Typically, coaches in representative’s sides such as WABL should have this level of accreditation as a minimum.

Level 2
This is an advanced 21-hour course that is designed to elevate a Coach’s understanding to the standard of the athletes they are coaching. Typically, coaches who are looking to be involved in State teams, various State leagues (SBL or ABA) and National Leagues (WNBL or NBL) would benefit from completing this course. There are certain prerequisites in choosing to apply for this level of accreditation.

Basketball competitions in the Kimberley can never have too many referees and it is also a good way to make money doing something that you enjoy. There are several levels of referee accreditation that are provided by Basketball WA.

Becoming a Community Referee is the first step in becoming a referee. This course teaches participants the fundamental skills and knowledge to be able to officiate games. Upon completing this level of training, you will be qualified to referee at a local club standard.

The next step is to complete the Level 1 Referee Course, which is split into different levels designed to cater to the needs of various referees in the basketball community. The two levels most appropriate to the Kimberley would be Association Intermediate (junior domestic competition) and Association Advanced (senior domestic competition).

For more information on basketball officiating courses and when they are available in the Kimberley contact:

Michael Albert
Broome Office
Phone: (08) 9195 5752