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The benefits of being a Smarter than Smoking Active Community

The benefits of being a Smarter than Smoking Active Community are directly proportionate to the contribution to the program by the program partners and other key stakeholders of the program.  The more that everyone puts in, then the more that the community will get out of the program.

The main benefits that will, or could, be generated by the decision of a community to engage in the program are:

  1. The development of a sport and recreation plan increases the cooperation between Garnduwa, the Community and other key community stakeholders and provides a clear direction for the delivery of sport and recreational activities within and outside of the community and an increased quality of service by those stakeholders.
  2. Increased and regular participation in sport and active recreation activities by the Community will result in the improved physical well-being of regular participants and a better understanding of positive lifestyle choices.
  3. The introduction of regular team based activities will generate improved self-esteem and mental health for participants, enhanced ability to work in a group structure and greater community interaction.
  4. An increase in the number regularly available and accessible activities within the community will contribute to reduced juvenile contact with the justice system.
  5. A strong Community/School Partnership identified in the sport and recreation plan will result in increased school attendance and retention.
  6. Training opportunities in all fields of sport and recreation for any employed staff and volunteers can be easily identified by Garnduwa and will be made available in an appropriate and readily accessible way.
  7. Garnduwa will be able to provide support to workers and volunteers on a regular and structured basis.
  8. Better usage of resources available to the community will be generated (e.g. shared facilities and programs).
  9. Possible opportunities for increased funding will arise through the development of a sport and recreation plan by the community.
  10. Access to information, equipment and competitions will improve with sport and recreation plans being implemented and followed.