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What does a Smarter than Smoking Active Community need to contribute?

The main contribution that a community needs to make to the program is an eagerness to participate and a desire to make it work.

The community must place a priority on sport and recreation and be prepared to work with Garnduwa and other key community stakeholders to develop a community sport and recreation plan aimed at increasing the participation of its members in meaningful and ongoing sports and active recreational activities. The plan must be set to a level the community feels comfortable with achieving and has the support of the entire community.

The community must nominate an Active Community Liaison who acts as a link between the community and Garnduwa. The position can be any person who is prepared to help monitor the project and act as the “go to” person for Garnduwa staff.

The plan cannot be implemented without the support of the community and a group of volunteers based in the community will be required to contribute to implement the sport and recreation plan. The number of this group depends on the size of the community and the extent of the plan.

Preferably the community will be able to supply one or more employed workers (community recreation officers and youth workers) to deliver the plan.  The availability of employed workers to deliver the program within the community will go a long way to ensuring successful outcomes.  Garnduwa can assist the community to identify the appropriate workers to employ.