Social and Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

Team work in tunnel ball Team work in tunnel ball Cooking chaos cupcakes Cooking chaos cupcakes

This term Garnduwa’s Youth Hub Coordinator Dominique Smith visited Muludja and Bayulu schools to deliver a short social and emotional wellbeing workshop. This was paired with the Aussie Hoops sessions being run at the school by Garnduwa’s Active Communities Coordinator Joey Webb. The purpose of the workshops was to increase Muludja and Bayulu students understanding of team work, sharing and problem solving. The first week the students made ‘chaos cupcakes’ they were tasked with making cupcakes with no instructions, recipes or rules. The following week they were given a recipe, roles and responsibilities and they made ‘perfect cupcakes’. These challenges were a test of their listening skills and team work. They excelled at the true and false questions regarding their health and what to do if they are feeling no good. Garnduwa is looking forward to sharing this workshop with other schools in the Valley this year.