Kimberley Klub

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Mission Statement

“To provide Kimberley youth with the appropriate support and access to established networks across the Perth metropolitan region, in order to give them the best chance to benefit from their experience and a shot at success whether through sporting or other career opportunities.”



  1. Promote and maintain membership in the Klub for all young Kimberley people based in Perth who wish to enjoy the benefits of the Kimberley Klub and provide resources and support for Klub members who experience difficulty assimilating into their new environment in Perth.
  2. Promote a sound line of communication and networking processes with and amongst the Kimberley Klub members.
  3. Ensure young Kimberley athletes based in Perth can access and enjoy community based sport and recreational facilities.
  4. Provide Kimberley Klub members with the information required to access employment and educational opportunities.
  5. Through a combination of appropriate events and activities, help build and reinforce positive attitudes amongst the members and assist in the development of their personal leadership qualities.
  6. Maintain a volunteer mentor program linking young Kimberley members of the Klub with established family networks originally from the Kimberley and currently residing in Perth.
  7. Facilitate or access social events for Klub members and mentors to enhance networking and peer support.